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​Who are we?

  • BBQ Fanatics!

  • Sustainability and Provenance is our ethos

  • We believe that the first ingredient of a quality cook starts with quality charcoal

  • We are Believers in all things BBQ!

  • A day without a Braai/BBQ is a day wasted!

  • Est. 2019

  • Estcourt, KZN, South Africa

Since the dawn of time, humans have pursued the perfect braai or BBQ. CueTheBBQ's passion for this pursuit is delivered to you in this bag of charcoal.

The contents are from the most sustainable tree species in Southern Africa. We support the local economy, whilst removing invasive tree species. Our passion is to restore wildlife habitats, conserve water, and enhance biodiversity.  

CueTheBBQ will connect you to our ancestors, family, and friends, through this core element in the pursuit of the perfect braai or BBQ. Free from chemicals, fillers, binders and other impurities. Its rich wood aroma complements the natural flavour of meats, fish and poultry.

It’s that simple.  


Perfect for all charcoal grills, smokers and kamados. Partially burned charcoal can be reignited for later use. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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